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Why learn the Hudson Voice Technique?
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Some people are told they have a good voice and should be recording voiceovers. That’s like saying; you have ten fingers so you should play the piano for the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Voiceover work is a great way to make extra money for those who have the ambition and talent. But you can’t expect advertising agencies to pay you thousands of dollars or pounds just because you have a good voice.

The Hudson Voice Technique will teach you the essential techniques you need to become a confident and successful voice-over. It will put you fully in charge of your greatest asset – your voice – so you can start earning money in this lucrative industry.

Many broadcasters and ‘voiceovers’ believe that recording dozens of voiceovers makes them professional. Well, it doesn’t... remember: they are reading by instinct!

If you don’t have a technique, you will obviously be repeating faults.  A producer recently told me that he likes to use untrained voiceovers because they sound ‘natural’. People who think this are living in cloud-cuckoo-land because sounding natural is the hardest thing for any actor or voiceover to achieve. Only the very best – Miriam Margolyes, Emma Thompson, Jack Nicholson, Dame Judi Dench, Forest Whitaker, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams – and a few more can do this.

Every week, people ask me about how much work there is and how much money they can earn as a voiceover. Once you are trained in the Hudson Voice Technique and practise, your potential as a voiceover is enormous. There are many online agencies you can join and of course, networking is still an excellent way to find a voiceover job.

The biggest potential is corporate narration. This includes videos for documentaries, sales training, safety training, promotional and induction. Thousands of television commercials are produced every year, not to forget video games, websites and talking books.

Our partners will be able to train you to become a professional voiceover artist.

Here's what some of our students think...

Online Video Course

 Online Video Course

Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique.
Listen to your 'Before and After' recordings and hear the difference!


Visit our online voiceover academy to order!

Online Video Course +
Assessment + Diploma

Online Video Course

Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique.

 Before and After Recordings

Send your recordings to Steve for your assessment

 Advice about recording your Voiceover Demo

 Receive your Voicemaster Diploma upon completion


Visit our online voiceover academy to order!

2 Live Training Sessions with Steve
+ Online Video Course
+ Assessment

Live training session with Steve

Introduction to the course and explain the process
Initial assessment of your voice and delivery

 Online video course

Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique.

√ Live training session with Steve

Final assessment of your progress
Advice about recording your Voice-Over Demo

√ Receive your Voicemaster Diploma upon completion


Visit our online voiceover academy to order!

"I purchased this and a few other voiceover courses and decided to do this one first. In a little over two hours I have learned enough to change the way I do voiceovers forever, and will be forever more mindful of the way I speak when doing presentations and my podcast.

Nolan Collins

"This course is a gem! If you want to learn voice-over, this is the only course you need!"

Ole Lauvås

"I've taken several other voice over courses and even though this course is shorter then the others, it contains a plethora of information that can not be overlooked.

It has made me gain more confidence and knowledge to the art of becoming a voice over personality, knowing that I can attack my next project confidently. A must have for anyone serious about learning how to speak and phrase properly."

Cory Shelnick