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Teaching the world's only technique for confident presentation & communication skills

Your future success depends not only on the knowledge you've gained, but equally important, how you perform during a presentation or an interview.


People will judge your competency by the confident way you deliver information - that's why you need a professional technique!


Learn from the world's leading communication trainer, Steve Hudson, creator of the Hudson Voice Technique, the world's only proven technique for verbal communication.


When there are 50 applicants for each job or a great deal of competition when you are looking for a promotion, you had better make sure that you tell your story better than your competition!



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However well you've prepared, it is a well known fact that  giving a presentation or going to a job interview is one of the most nerve racking situations we experience. Only a small percentage of interviews are successful because competition is so high.

For all the things taught at school, one thing is missing; none of us are taught to communicate professionally at school, we are simply taught to string words together.

BBC Newsreaders are probably amongst the best presenters in the world. This is because they have been trained in a professional technique.


The Hudson Voice Technique has been taught to the BBC, SKY, Bloomberg UTV in India, TV3 and 8TV in Malaysia, the Singapore Media Academy and other broadcasters for over 15 years.

Learn quicker, retain more when you study


We all spend a great deal of time studying.


It has been proven that knowing the rules of the Hudson Voice Technique increases retention.


Just think of it.....when you give a presentation to an audience, the Hudson Voice Technique gives you greater confidence and enables you to hold the attention of the audience. When you are studying, you are your own audience, so you will retain more of the information you’re reading. That means the time it takes to study is reduced.