Signor Tonino

November 15, 2016 Steve Hudson

In my previous blog I shared with you how I lost out of a million Dollars. I don't know if you've ever lost a million dollars, but it's a little disappointing and using a few hundred boxes of Kleenex is quite expensive.

I don't know if I look like a boozer, but my next TV commercial was for Tonino Wine. At the audition I was asked to do an Italian accent. I completely overacted and sounded like an Italian ice-cream salesman. They told me that Signor Tonino was well-educated and the owner of a famous vineyard, so I had to tone it down.

The location for the shoot was Mount Etna in Sicily. At one point, I had to sacrifice one of my best bottles of wine by breaking it on a rock.

Each time I tried, the bottle refused to break, so the director decided to score 'round the bottle to make it easier. The next time it worked - glass flew everywhere!

The broken bottle seemed to hover in the air for a second and then landed on my hand. It was quite a nasty cut, so I was stitched and bandaged and unable to repeat this 'life threatening' action.


They needed a close-up of a thumb, so they asked our Italian driver to act as my stand-in. Unfortunately no-one seemed to notice that he was overweight and had a fat thumb.

If you look closely at the video, you will see a thumb that doesn't quite match the rest of me!

At least we weren't bothered by the Mafia!


Here's the commercial...