There are so many courses out there offering communication skills training,
which means you have a tremendous amount of choice.

The difference between the Hudson Voice Technique voiceover course and others is simple:

We teach you how to take full control of your voice
and the way you deliver your words.

Here's one of our latest reviews:

Review by Malcolm TolmanThis course delivers exactly what it says it will. At the beginning of the course you are asked to record a number of lines to the best of your ability so you can compare it with what you sound like at the end. I was skeptical about how much I was improving during the course... Then I recorded the final readings and compared them to my firsts and wow... mind blown! This course teaches how to improve your voice while reading a script that has monumental results. …All in all this is a course where the results speak for themselves and I highly recommend it.

Malcolm Tolman

‘An online Master Class for voiceovers’

‘The Hudson Voice Technique is different’

‘If you want to be a voiceover, this course is the best way to start!’

"I recommend this course to aspiring voiceovers’

'Nobody EVER taught me HOW to speak.’

"This course really makes a difference’

‘I feel much more confident when presenting’

'Now I understand why this technique has been accredited for CPD training’

'I use it whilst teaching’

"My children enjoyed the course immensely’

‘I have slowed down and my accent is reduced’

Eddie Pratt's review of the Hudson Voice Technique voiceover courseA really excellent voice over course. I was surprised how straight forward this technique is.

Great content and teaching style. Concise, well-structured, enjoyable and effective.

Eddie Pratt

Roland Moore's review of the Hudson Voice Technique voiceover course

Since learning the Hudson Voice Technique course, I have been successful in landing quite a few voiceover jobs. Ranging from website introductions to corporate narrations for companies. I have  repeat business ALREADY…..earning from £50 to £150 per job.

I really can’t thank you enough. I thought I could talk and read quite well - well you do don’t you? That was until I attended your voiceover course and really started to learn how to do it.

Roland Moore

Kenneth Gonzales's review of the Hudson Voice Technique voiceover courseI really enjoyed this course. I found that his method makes it very easy to analyze the most complex blocks of reading and devise how to get through it -- all on the fly!

Great job. Totally worth my time and money!

Kenneth Gonzales