Voicemaster International

Diploma Courses

Voiceover Courses

"...In a little over 2 hours I have learned enough to change the way
I do voiceovers forever and will mindful of the way I speak
when doing presentations and my podcast."

Nolan Collins, voiceover

 Corporate Training

"...The provided concepts and techniques are unavailable elsewhere.
I wish that I had found out about the course years ago!.."

Simon Lawson, management consultant.

CPD for Lawyers

"...having completed the course and by using the technique you teach,
I am finding that I am far more effective in the advocacy I undertake... "

Scott Robinson, Director at C & R Legal Limited (Crowdy and Rose)

CPD for Teachers


"...I was delighted with the difference it has made to my way of presenting. It’s all very well to know that you read too fast, or without intonation, but quite difficult to change that without help. 

I realised that this technique would be of great benefit to my students who have to face tough interviews and possibly give presentations at university and in their future career. 

This is a technique that I believe every student and lecturer should learn..."

Abigail Williams, Lecturer, St. Peter’s College, Oxford University


Course for Students 

"...the course have helped me study for my Masters degree.
Through my own experience, it is assumed that reading is a given for the academic student.  However, the Hudson Voice Technique improves the efficiency with which you read and helps to absorb and assimilate information more effectively."

Dr. Sarah Davis MBChB

Call Centre Training

"...I have slowed down, I speak clearer, my accent has diminished
and I can transform my voice easily and effectively.

Customers are now finding it easier to understand what I say."

Raghavendra Ashok, Bangalore