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Here's an exciting opportunity for you to join
the world's leading training company!

Steve Hudson, CEO and Founder of Voice Master International.


Voicemaster has been successfully training people from all walks of life in 80 countries for the past 25 years.

Because the Hudson Voice Technique is the world's only communication technique, it has proven to be an essential tool for students, teachers, lawyers, call centre operators, corporate staff, broadcasters and of course voiceovers.

Voicemaster trains BBC and Bloomberg UTV broadcasters/reporters/presenters, lecturers at the Cambridge School in Delhi, Oxford University, Manchester University, many international organisations such as ING Bank, the Aditya Birla Group, British Telecom and many more.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a life skill and guaranteed.

"I studied various books on this topic and even took a course for one year in rhetoric.

However, after studying Steve’s Voice Master technique, I have to admit that it surpasses by far anything else I ever learned.

I was struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of this method. 

I strongly urge you to take the course and experience the result yourself.

Benefit, ameliorate, transcend!"

Your servant,

Bhaktivaibhava Swami


We are now actively looking for ambitious individuals to join our team.

We are looking individuals who can help us introduce and teach our new courses which are based on the internationally recognised Hudson Voice Technique.

Because it is the world's only communication technique, it has proven to be an essential tool for students, teachers, those who speak English as a second language, lawyers, call centre operators, corporate staff, broadcasters and of course voiceovers.

So it’s in those areas we need your help.

There is no other programme, course or method which will improve presentations. Success relies on the way words are delivered. The subject doesn’t matter, nor in which language. The power of words is paramount.

If you have experience or interest in any of the above sectors, don’t miss this great opportunity to become part of our team.

The Hudson Voice Technique is in high demand. In fact, our course is sold in 80 countries!


This is your chance to become a Voicemaster Trainer.

You could start teaching a unique and internationally recognised course which could earn you a very good income.

If you are interested, then please contact us so that we can have an informal chat with no obligation.

We very much look forward to speaking with you.


How will it work?

> Fill out the application form.

> If you are successful, we will set up a Skype Call with both Esther and Steve Hudson in London.

> Once we have all agreed we'd like to take things forward, we'll discuss all the fine details which will be put into a formal agreement.

> You, Esther and Steve will sign the agreement. Now you will start your journey to become a successful member of the Voicemaster India Team.

What's it worth to you?

Well.....quite a bit actually!

> Learn the Hudson Voice Technique, if you haven't gone through the course yet.

> Upon successful completion you will receive your Voicemaster Diploma.

> Steve will now start teaching you to become a Voicemaster trainer, so you become a fully fledged member of our team.

> We will create a dedicated website for you which will be maintained by us.

> We will support and guide you to make sure you will be as successful as possible.

Will it cost me anything?

Well, yes.

You will be selling and teaching a unique course which has taken Voicemaster years to create, develop and establish.

As you know, this course has won the 2017 Media Award for Best Vocal Performance Course and Voicemaster has also been nominated for the Enterprise Award 2017.

It has also been accredited by the Law Society UK.

For all this hard work, we believe there should be some kind of return.

Will it break the bank?

Absolutely not!

All we ask is for you to pay Voicemaster International a yearly license fee*, but this will include 10 Online Video Courses you can sell, so once you've sold them, you will have earned your money back and made a profit!

After that, you will keep 40% of everything you sell.


And remember, the Hudson Voice Technique is a life skill and guaranteed!

*License Fees subject to country.

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