How much do voiceovers earn?

November 6, 2016 Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson, CEO and Founder of Voice Master International.There are millions of voiceovers needed every day, all over the world, ranging from deep to light voices, different languages and accents. The demand is truly enormous.

The most frequent question people ask me is: “How much can I earn as a voiceover?”

The first question should really be: “How do I go about becoming a voiceover?”

Many voice overs earn a great deal of money. and a select few earn over £1M a year.

But let’s be more realistic….

Yesterday I was paid £100 for  voice over recording and it only took about 20 minutes recording on my computer at home.

Earlier this year I recorded a script for the trailer and later the video game of Nero (Nothing Ever Remains Obscure) which took 3 hours - I was paid £2,500.

However, £100 is about the average pay for a voiceover job.

But before you think about the potential income, you must appreciate that being a voiceover is a skill and to become professional, you will need to learn a voiceover technique which is quite straightforward.

Some people think that all you need is a good voice. Well, I have ten fingers but don’t ask me to play the  violin!

To be a professional voiceover and create the potential for yourself, you need to learn how to control your voice and the way you deliver a voiceover script.

Don’t be persuaded by a recording studio to go in and spend  few hours and walk away with your demo CD!

When they tell you they have recorded thousands of voice-overs in their studio, it really only means they are good engineers. I have recorded thousands of voiceovers in my career, but that doesn’t qualify me as an engineer.

The Hudson Voice Technique teaches you what you need and qualifies you as a voiceover.

Very comprehensive course. As an author who records my audio books, this course helped me to capture and remain mindful of the nuances of delivery that will make a marked difference in my general communications as well.

Samual Crumby

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