The PSR Method

(Presentation Skills and Reading)

(based on the Hudson Voice Technique)

A life skill for children and students

One of the greatest gifts you can give children is confidence.

Enable them to be the best presenter in class, increase their joy in reading

and more confidence when going for job interviews.

Picture this..

Arthur (8 years of age) has just come home from school and can’t wait to tell you all about what he’s experienced at school today. He’s off like a rocket talking nineteen to the dozen and you have to stop him and ask him to please slow down because you can’t follow him.
He tries, but after a few words, fails because he’s so excited.

In fact; when you think about it, Arthur has a habit of speaking too fast whether he’s excited or not. How ever many times you ask him to slow down, it’s not working.

Then there is Sarah, at 15, there is a lot of homework - tons of reading to do.....she reads the way she speaks - too fast and therefore doesn't absorb the content as much as she could.

Chris, who is is a typical teenager and doesn’t communicate all that much and when he does, he mumbles. So frustrating!

Helen (12) is a quiet 10-year old and quite withdrawn. When she speaks, she tends to almost whisper - she really needs to energise her voice

Katie (8) doesn’t like reading very much. When she reads out loud, she tends to speak in a monotone which reflects her lack of interest. When it comes to reading in her spare time, that’s non-existent.

Henry (11) has mild dyslexia and struggles with reading. It’s more difficult for him then his classmates which frustrates him. When he studies, he get’s angry at times because it takes him so long.

Aisha (17) has to give a presentation in class tomorrow and she is terrified. She knows her subject, but once she stands in front of her classmates, she stutters, she umm’s and ah’s and speaks too fast because she is so nervous. If only she knew how to be more confident.

Any of these situations sound familiar?

All children are unique

A child will say their first word at about two years of age. They do this by mimicking their parents. From this point they will start to learn a vocabulary, language, accent, speed, and an intricate way of arranging words in a sentence.

They are gradually creating their unique speech pattern - it’s rather like their verbal DNA.

Once they start school, they will pick up habits from their peers - and many of them bad.

There is a lot of reading involved in the first years of life and many children do not enjoy it. On top of that, quite early on, they have to read aloud in class. They have to make presentations, attend interviews and entry level tests for university. which is  nerve racking; even for most adults. 

That’s not all, starting their working life, they have to face job and promotion interviews and competition is fierce.

The fact is, none of us were taught a communication technique at school because there wasn’t one,  we were simply taught to string words together.

Now there is a way children can learn to speak with more confidence and clarity and also start to enjoy reading in their class.

The PSR Method will have a major effect on their education and career.

By creating the unique Hudson Voice Technique, Hudson has established himself as the worlds' leading communication trainer.

As one of the world's leading providers of psychometric testing services for conventional HR and E-marketing, we organise communication training for our practice and our clients. Steve Hudson has conducted a series of Master classes over the past three years and his technique has had a dramatic effect on the confidence of participants, all of whom have reported a significant improvement in achieving their objectives.

James Grant, (CEO),

Here's Ryan Lim (12) with his thoughts about the PSR Method

The PSR Method

Presentation Skills and Reading

Of course, everyone can talk and give a presentation. In the same way, we can all hit notes on a piano. But if you are ambitious and want to become a professional you need to learn a technique; a set of basic rules which will put you firmly in charge.

Without a technique, we have to rely on our instinct.
Have a look at the description from the Oxford Dictionary:

The innate aspect of behaviour that is unlearned.
In other words, 'guessing'. It may be an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless!

On the other hand, it describes technique as follows:
1. A set of specific rules which determine the degree of excellence.

2. The degree of skill or command of fundamentals exhibited in any performance.

The PSR Method changes speech patterns from instinct to technique.

It will help a child conquer nerves and give confidence to stand up in class and read aloud by giving them a specific set of rules to follow when reading and speaking. 

When attending interviews there may be 50 or more applicants for one job, this is one of the main reasons why the applicant must tell their story better than their competition.

Voice Master has trained thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life to become more confident and persuasive.

Parents often asked us about training children, so we created our latest course based on the Hudson Voice Technique.

The PSR Method is a systematic process that teaches how to use the voice as a precision tool and enhances memory retention. It cannot be compared to any other communication training.

It is a powerful structured technique that has a permanent affect, so there is no doubt that the PSR Method is one of the most important tools we can learn.

It has been accredited by the Law Society for 16 hours CPD training and we are official trainers at Oxford University, the Singapore Media Academy, BBC presenters, actors and voiceovers. In India and Malaysia we have trained over 3000 people.

Voice Master International has licensed partners in the Singapore, Malaysia, India and America.

How does the PSR Method work?

We have created an online video course which consists of 6 steps and a ‘Before and After’ section.

Before they start learning the steps of the PSR Method, we ask participants to read and record (on their phone) a short excerpt from the Polar Express and ‘The circus must go’.

Then they go through each step, guided by Steve and Esther.

Before Recordings - establish your stating point.

Step One: The 3 Golden Rules

Step Two: Find the 'mental' commas?

Step Three: Learn to speak slowly

Step Four: Use your No. 5 voice

Step Five: Find the 'Red Flag' words and situations

Step 6: Practise all the elements and your presentation comes to life!

After Recordings: See how much you've improved now you've learned to read and speak with the PSR Method.

We encourage parents to  go through the course so they can follow their children’s progress. Of course, it will also be a benefit to them in their workplace - a nice bonus!

Part of the course is the assessment, where we ask for the ‘Before and After’ recordings to be sent to Steve.  Upon completion, we send the participant their Voicemaster Diploma

Benefits of the PSR Method for children and young adults:

  • Speaking at a slower rate – 73% of people speak too fast!
  • Helping to bring clarity where shyness or mumbling leads to inaudible speech.
  • Helping to improve confidence at speaking in front of others.
  • Improve retention when studying.
  • Increase enjoyment when reading for leisure because stories come to life with the PSR Method.
  • The possibility to record voiceovers – there is work for youngsters out there!