November 21, 2016 Steve Hudson

The most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen!

Some time ago, I was chosen as the leading man in a very glamourous TV commercial for a brand of chocolates. It was to be shot in two locations - one on a speedboat in the West Indies and the other in Pinewood studios in London.

A week in the Caribbean sounded great, but to my disappointment, I was chosen as the man in the the London scene which was a millionaire’s apartment overlooking the river Thames.

In the commercial, I was to be a successful businessman entertaining a glamourous model who looked stunning in a silver lamé dress. After champagne, I was to give her a diamond necklace. 

They were real diamonds so they arrived with two security men - perhaps they didn’t trust me!

imagesOh, I forgot one thing…in the corner of the room was a cage with a beautiful black panther wearing a diamond collar.

Everything went well and by 6pm it was in the can. I went to my dressing room to remove my make-up and take off my dinner jacket when my girlfriend phoned to ask how the day went. I told her about the black panther. She thought I was joking and said it sounded like a Fellini movie.

While we were talking, I heard a commotion in the corridor. I went to the door and opened it as someone shouted in a panic stricken voice: ‘Stay in your dressing room, the panther has escaped!’

The warning was a little too late because I had already opened the door. As I looked into the dark corridor,  a pair of piercing beautiful green eyes were staring straight at me.

I would rather be a live coward than a dead hero and although the panther looked cuddly, I thought it best to close the door. I picked up the phone and this time she believed me, she could hear the panther roar - it was like a Fellini movie!