Voicemaster International

We teach the world's only verbal communication technique

which takes only a few hours to learn.

“The Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years. It has made me totally rethink my delivery style.

Mike Smith, Lecturer, Manchester University

“I needed to work on my presentation skills and a colleague suggested Voicemaster.  The Hudson Voice Technique gave me so much confidence that I have enjoyed an uninterrupted two and a half year stint as the top salesman in a 50 strong sales team.” 

Tom Lancaster – St James’s House

Boring presentation with sleeping attendees

One of the main problems with communication today is that the majority of people speak too fast, especially when nervous - and that's just one of the problems!

That's because none of us were taught a communication technique at school - we were simply taught to string words together.

Whether you are making a sales or marketing presentation, addressing shareholders, reading an autocue, work in a call centre or simply speaking to clients, a professional approach is essential.

The Hudson Voice Technique is different to any other communication skills training you may have had. Your staff will come away with verbal communication skills they can put into practise straight away.

We have created our classes, seminars and workshops to give you guaranteed and lasting results in only a few hours.

Peter Axtell, Principal & Director of Media Production and Coaching at WhatsNext.com

"Very good course! Properly organised, clear and useful. It's improved our teleprompter skills immensely. We make a lot of videos and your course really helped us deliver our scripts so much better."

Peter Axtell, Principal & Director of Media Production and Coaching at WhatsNext.com