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I only wish I had known about the Hudson Voice Technique while I was actually working for the BBC!

I was a producer and presenter at the BBC World Service for ten years and what I know now (and practice) would have saved a lot of production time and made programmes more effective.

There was no formal training at the BBC and when guidance was offered it wasn’t a patch on the Hudson Voice Technique.

I learned more about reading and broadcasting with you Steve, than I did in ten years at the BBC.

Only now can I count myself a professional broadcaster and voiceover."

Hugo Fay, BBC World Service

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"Thank you for all your support on the course. I would like to put on record that the Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years. It has made me totally rethink my own delivery style as a presenter and tutor.

I have adopted many of the things that the course covered in terms of timing, voice control and delivery style and I would strongly recommend the Hudson Voice Technique course to anyone in the corporate world, as well as teachers and lecturers."

Mike Smith, Lecturer, Manchester University

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