Learn the world's first and only technique created specifically

for more confident, powerful & persuasive communication.

Why learn the Hudson Voice Technique? Well.......just watch this video!

Thousands of people from all walks of life

in 89 countries and speaking 27 different languages

are learning the Hudson Voice Technique - and they love it

because they're amazed at what they can do with their voice.

There is no doubt that learning how to speak professionally will make a significant difference to your success, whatever your job.

A piano can be played by instinct, but if you want to be a concert pianist, you will need to learn a technique. In a similar way, your voice is an instrument, so by learning a
technique, you will be more confident and persuasive
when communicating your ideas.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a systematic process that teaches you how to use your voice
as a precision tool and enhances memory retention.
It cannot be compared to any other communication training.

It is a powerful structured technique that has a permanent affect, so there is no doubt that
the Hudson Voice Technique is one of the most important tools we can learn.

You can now learn this powerful communication technique by attending a Master Class or through our distance learning courses. We have tailored courses for voiceovers, lawyers, students and corporate staff.

The Hudson Voice Technique gives you the rules for speaking more persuasively, which in turn gives you confidence and allows your natural personality to shine. The result? Your listeners will have more confidence in you and what you say.

The Hudson Voice Technique is an entirely new approach to communication skills training. It has been taught for over 15 years, training BBC newscasters, Fortune 500 CEO's, lawyers, many corporations including ING Bank, British Telecom, and of course, those who want to earn extra money as a voiceover artist.

It has been accredited by the Law Society for 16 hours CPD training and we are official communication skills trainers at Oxford University, the Singapore Media Academy and Bloomberg UTV.

We have licensed partners in India, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Here's what some of our students think...


I only wish I had known about the Hudson Voice Technique while I was actually working for the BBC!

I was a producer and presenter at the BBC World Service for ten years and what I know now (and practice) would have saved a lot of production time and made programmes more effective.

There was no formal training at the BBC and when guidance was offered it wasn’t a patch on the Hudson Voice Technique.

I learned more about reading and broadcasting with you Steve, than I did in ten years at the BBC.

Only now can I count myself a professional broadcaster and voiceover."

Hugo Fay, BBC World Service

"Thank you for all your support on the course. I would like to put on record that the Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years. It has made me totally rethink my own delivery style as a presenter and tutor.

I have adopted many of the things that the course covered in terms of timing, voice control and delivery style and I would strongly recommend the Hudson Voice Technique course to anyone in the corporate world, as well as teachers and lecturers."

Mike Smith, Lecturer, Manchester University