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An entirely new way of delivering

Corporate Communication Skills Training

My management team and I gained a great deal from spending two half days with Steve Hudson.
Learning the Hudson Voice Technique has resulted in a discernible improvement in our presentation skills.

Imtiaz Farookhi, former NHBC Chief Executive

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Nominated UK Enterprise Awards 2017

Our Courses

The Hudson Voice Technique is equally effective through the medium of classes, home study, via SKYPE or video conferencing.

The course will be customised for each company. In some cases, company staff is spread over a wide area
and it’s difficult for them to attend a class. 
In this case, a combination of home study and SKYPE / video conferencing would be used.

Where classes can be arranged, they will include personal training and home study. The home study aspect of the Hudson Voice Technique is important because, as with any technique, practise makes perfect!

The Hudson Voice Technique teaches you the rules for speaking more persuasively, which in turn gives you confidence and allows your natural personality to shine. The result?
Your listeners will have more confidence in you and what you say.

It shows you how to change your speech pattern enabling you to get your point across more clearly and effectively.

It improves the efficiency with which you read and helps you to absorb and assimilate information quicker.

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Total Staff Training Seminar

This is an entirely new concept in communication skills training.

Total Staff Training enables us to train larger groups. Participants will be
significantly more confident and persuasive, and of course, this means an
improvement in company results.

Learn new skills which can be put into practice immediately.

By training larger groups your company will save money - and of course - the results are guaranteed!

The provided concepts and techniques are unavailable elsewhere.
I wish that I had found out about the course years ago!

Simon Lawson, Management consultant, Simon Lawson Consulting Ltd.

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Day 1:

√ The programme starts with a half day seminar explaining exactly how the 7 elements of this technique work and what will be expected of participants.

√ “Before Recordings" – All participants will be recorded, specially selected scripts to establish their starting point.

√ Participants will be given access to the online video course.


Now they learn and practise the Hudson Voice Technique which takes only a few hours. We are of course available for any guidance along the way. Having the home study version will enable participants to refresh their memory at any time after the training.

Day 2:

All participants attend a half day assessment session.

√ “After Recordings" – Participants will be recorded reading the same scripts again to establish their progress.

√ Question Time.

√ Participants receive their 'Before and After' recordings and the Voice Master Diploma

√ A full report on the progress of the participants will be available on request.

√ All participants are welcome to contact us at any time for help or advice.

Voicemaster Workshop

Conducted by Steve Hudson at your premises.
(6 participants max.)


Learn in the company of your colleagues. Our workshops are a dynamic and fun way to learn the Hudson Voice Technique and can include on-camera training and reading the autocue / teleprompter.

Because of the limited amount of participants, the learning experience will be full-on, not to mention a lot of fun!

The Hudson Voice Technique workshop was the best course of it's kind that I've been on! It has improved my way of presenting immeasurably!
Craig Townsend, ING Bank

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Part One:

Video assessment of current verbal and visual delivery of a typical company presentation.

Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique

The correct technique, coupled with practise, empowers a speaker in the same way as a professional technique enables a golfer or pianist to improve his or her performance.

√ At the end of this session, a second video and audio recording will take place, demonstrating,    even at this early stage, the dramatic effect of the Hudson Voice Technique.

Part 2:

√ As with any technique; the Hudson Voice Technique needs to be practiced, so all participants    will have been given access to the online video course.

   Duration: 1 week, 20 minutes a day (at home)

Part 3:

√ In this session we start by evaluating progress. The ability to use the Hudson Voice      Technique will be refined, giving even more confidence and authority.

√ Certificates of completion will be handed to the participants.

√ A copy of the assessment videos will be available on request.

√ The full report on the progress of the participants will also be available on request.

NB: Please note that the Hudson Voice Technique will make an immediate noticeable difference, but the total effectiveness depends on the individuals’ interest in improving their performance.


Distance Learning

via our online video course

Duration: approx. 2 weeks, 20 minutes a day

Study at home, in your own time. We are, of course always available for help and guidance.

I’ve now finished the Hudson Voice Technique Home Study Course and thought I would drop you a line with a couple of comments.

I was amazed at how much there is to learn about a ‘simple’ thing like reading and talking! It was a really interesting experience and everyone at work has noticed the difference and I must say I feel more confident when I’m talking to clients.

I’ve already spoken to my manager who would like details of your corporate training.


James Mullen, Senior design engineer, FMC Technologies

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Before you start the course, we ask you to record  your ‘Before’ scripts and keep them to one side. This is to establish your starting point.

You then go through each element of the course, guided by Steve on video. Practice each element until you’re confident and then move on to the next one.

As you go through the course, we advise you to record yourself so you can listen back and correct anything that’s not quite right.

Once you practised all seven elements and it becomes second nature, it's time to record the same scripts you recorded before you started the course. These are your ‘After’ recordings.

 Send your 'Before' and 'After' recordings to Steve for assessment.

Regardless of where you live, You will be assessed by Steve. If there is anything he feels needs more attention, he will go through it with you and ask you to practice a bit longer and assess you again.

When he is happy with your progress, we will send your Voice Master Certificate of Completion.