A leading American lawyer said:

"Tell your story better than your competition tell theirs!"

But how?

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BBC, CNN, SKY and other newsreaders are amongst the best communicators in the world.


Because they are trained in
the world's only technique for verbal communication.


If you were trained in the same programme, it is quite obvious

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You know what to say, we teach you how to say it!

Better Business Communication

"...The Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I've been on in 20 years!..."

Mike Smith, Senior Lecturer Manchester University

James Grant, CEO, Testsonthenet'By creating the unique Hudson Voice Technique, Hudson has established himself as the worlds' leading communication trainer..."
James Grant, (CEO)

'Verbal communication skills are a professional necessity for many, if not most lawyers; yet it is all too easy to reach a plateau of competence and forget about the further development of our strongest communication asset – our voice.'

Ryan Ottman, Partner at Angleterre Partners LLP



Voiceover Courses

Review by Malcolm TolmanThis course delivers exactly what it says it will. At the beginning of the course you are asked to record a number of lines to the best of your ability so you can compare it with what you sound like at the end. I was skeptical about how much I was improving during the course.

Then I recorded the final readings and compared them to my first and wow... mind blown!

This course teaches how to improve your voice while reading a script that has monumental results. …All in all this is a course where the results speak for themselves and I highly suggest it. 

Malcolm Tolman, USA



Voicemaster India

"I have been in TV reporting for the last two years but never received any training. These sessions have already brought immense changes in the way I speak.

I can say, my communication skills have improved by leaps and I am really glad that we were able to go through this training."

Divya Rajgopal, Bloomberg UTV



"The Hudson Voice Technique is powerful structured technique that teaches to use your voice like a precision tool
to convey emotion and conviction, draw your listener in, and enhance memory retention.
This is an essential part of your influencing toolkit.”

Mike Clayton, Business Speaker and Author