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"You need to tell your story better than your competition tell theirs."

 J. Cochran


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A survey of 1127 Voicemaster Students found that there are 7 common mistakes made when we speak.

We all make at least 3 of them.

73% Talk too fast – the listener can’t keep up with you.
81% Run sentences into each other – the listener gets confused.
43% Use a rising inflection – reflects lack of knowledge.
29% Lack energy – sounds boring, listener tunes out.
34% Emphasise the wrong words – you’re not getting the message across.
18% Speak in a monotone – lose the interest of the audience.
32% Leave sentences open – reflects indecision.

The 7 Elements of the Hudson Voice Technique will resolve these issues.


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The Hudson Voice Technique is the foundation for all verbal communication in all languages.

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