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If you want to be a voiceover, you need more than a good voice.

You need to learn how to control the tone, pace and pitch of your voice

and learn how to interpret voice over scripts.

Our voiceover training course will give you control over your voice and they way you deliver the message.

Listen to Beverly and hear the

difference our voice over course

makes in just a few hours!

Why this course?

Steve explains it all in this short video.

Listen to to Steve's voiceover commercials

Awesome voice over course and an outstanding investment!

Karl JefferyIf you are serious about working as a voiceover, and genuinely want to develop the skills necessary to 'voice' like the professionals, this voice over course is a MUST.

Steve Hudson is both sincere, warm, and genuine. His expert teaching, and simple and easy to follow framework in this course makes it a joy to participate in.

What I love best was that after learning each lesson, the emphasis is on practicing what you learn, to really develop the skills. After all, it's your voice you're trying to get 'work' with... it's the 'tool of your trade' - Developing your voice skills go alongside with developing and growing your career as a voiceover.

Well worth the investment!

Karl Jeffery

Basic Online Voiceover Course

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Full Price: £195

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  •  Before Recordings
  •  Learn the 7 Elements of the Hudson Voice Technique
    (Approx. 1 hour of video tutorials)
  •  After Recordings

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Advanced Online Voiceover Course

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Full price: £245

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  • √ Before Recordings
  •  Learn the 7 Elements of the Hudson Voice Technique
    (1.5 hours of video tutorials)
  •  After Recordings
  •  Assessment by Steve Hudson
    via email, on the phone or Skype
  •  Advice on recording your demo CD
    and how to set up your home studio
  • √ Receive your Voice Master Diploma

We will give you everything you need to become a voice over artist

Learn to control your voice and the way you deliver a voiceover script.

> Advice on recording your demo showreel, including scripts.

> We will introduce you to the best voice-casting agents.

> If you speak a 2nd language we will advise you about voiceovers in your chosen language.

> Advise you on how to create your home studio. It is easy and doesn't have to be expensive.

> You are always welcome to get in touch for help and advice.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a life skill and guaranteed.

The Voice Master Diploma

VoiceMaster Diploma

The Hudson Voice Technique is different

'A big difference in just a few hours!'

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A Master Class for voiceovers!